Testing Technologies

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Quality standards are higher than ever in today's marketplace. By partnering with ATC Automation, we can design and build a system capable of verifying product integrity each and every time.

Functional & Leak Testing Technologies:

    • Drive & Torque Systems
    • Sensing: Part Presence, Color, Infrared
    • Dispensing: Continuous Bead, Glue, Microliter, Spray
    • Feeding: Bowl, Blow, Flexible, Spring
    • Pressing: Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Servo, Air Over Oil
    • Part Marking: Labeling, Impact Marker, Pin Stamping, Laser Marking, Ink Jet
    • Welding: Robotic, Laser
    • Robotics: XYZ Linear Mechanism/Module, 6-Axis Articulated, SCARA
    • Vision: Matrix Array, Cognex, Vision Guidance
    • Fastening: Crimping, Oribital/Riveting Peeners, Shot Pinning, TOX
    • Electrical Testing: Continuity, Current Measurement, HIPOT, Electromechanical
    • Functional Testing: Resistance, Powered Device Testing, Force Monitoring, Effort Testing
    • Leak Testing: Flow Testing, Pressure Decay, Mass Spec, Vacuum Testing, Falcon Technology
    • Weighing: Mettler, Toledo
    • Traceability: Barcode, RF Tags