Energy, Energy, Energy

Mar 6, 2009

ATC has yet again reached another milestone in automation and testing for the Energy Storage Industry.


Recently, ATC designed and built a large, automated assembly and test system for a leading energy storage manufacturer.  “This project was a perfect example of what ATC can offer the renewable and alternative energy industries” says Gene Bressler, ATC V.P. of Sales & Marketing.  ATC was able to work with the customer on this project to create a system that is very unique, economical, user friendly, and functional.  There were several hurdles that were problematic for the customer.  Once into the project, ATC was able to design a solution and develop a system that solved the issues at hand.  The customer is very pleased with the system and, to show their gratitude, invited ATC’s team to the corporate unveiling of the line.


Seam Welding, Resistance Welding, Projection Welding, Thermal Hot Plate Welding, High Speed Vision Guided Robotics, Plate Stacking and Wrapping, Plate Separation, Electrolyte and DI Water Fill, Leak Testing, Continuity Inspection, Dust Collection and Containment, Dynamic Measure and Manufacture Intelligence,  and OSHA Cadmium Exposure Standards are just a few of the technologies/competences utilized on this project.


Your automation solution is waiting to be created…..simply call us and give us your challenge!

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