ATC Automation in Asia; Welcome Liu Xinyu (Leo)

Aug 24, 2011

ATC Automation continues to see growth from around the world.  In response to the demands, ATC has hired a new “Service and Support” manager to help with the growing number of Asian projects.

Liu Xinyu (Leo) will be leading ATC Automation’s team from his home base in Shanghai, China.  Leo will soon be joining the U.S. team for additional training and to learn more about how ATC supports their customer base. 

Leo joins ATC after working 13 years as a group leader for General Motors (GM) in Shanghai.  “We are extremely glad to find someone like Leo.  We welcome him and will be glad to have the much needed assistance in China” said Gene Bressler, V.P. of Sales and Marketing for ATC Automation.

To find out more about ATC Automation's expansion, contact us today; 931-528-5417

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