Jan 28, 2010

ATC recently designed and built a solution for the ammunitions industry.  Below is what the customer had to say after receiving the equipment:

From: Xxxxxx, Xxxxx [mailto:]

Sent: Monday, January 25, 2010 4:35 PM
To: Phil Walker; Guy Parenti; Mike Janko
Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxx

Subject: Rib cutting machine




I just wanted to let you know we are very happy with the rib cutting machine that was delivered last week. We’ve had a chance to work with it a little bit and it’s a big improvement over the way we were cutting the panels before. Having the integrated vacuum, the light, the balance control, all make for a nice self contained cell. Little extras like the magnetic blade height checker, the blade caddy, the sliding blade guard really help to improve the user friendliness of the design. Well done!


Thanks again,


Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, XX

Project Manager

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