Life Science Solutions from ATC Automation

Life Science Device Solutions from ATC Automation -- life_science_top_left.jpgATC Automation's customers know that we provide assembly and test solutions that comply with qualification procedures following 21 CFR and GAMP. Furthermore, our solutions are cost effective, flexible and more than capable of meeting your delivery schedules and overall expectations. At ATC Automation, we have the knowledge and the resources to ensure your success.

  • Life Science Device Assembly
  • Catheter Assembly & Testing
  • Sharps Handling
  • Bio-Tech
  • Blades
  • Contact Lenses
  • Insulin Delivery Devices
  • Cannula
  • Feeding Tube
  • Trach
  • Hand Instruments
  • Lower Anterior Resection Devices
  • Sleep Apnea Treatment Devices
  • Suture
  • Vascular - Stent
  • Diagnostic Device Assembly
  • Syringe Assembly

  • GAMP Guidelines
  • Master Validation Planning & Development
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
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