Lean Systems

Lean Manufacturing top right -- lean_manufacturing_top_right_1.jpgAt ATC Automation, we recognize the importance of lean manufacturing and its impact on profitability. We have developed lean concepts to help improve quality, eliminate defects, improve production time, and ultimately reduce costs.

  • Lean Manufacturing/Manual Workcell Technologies:
    • Torque & Drive Systems
    • Change-out tooling with fixture set-up verification
    • Sensing: Part & Color
    • Dispensing: Continuous Bead
    • Feeding: Bowl & Spring
    • Pressing: Servo, Pneumatic, Hydraulic
    • Part Marking: Labeling, Ink Jet, Impact Marker, Pin Stamping
    • Welding: Robotic
    • Robotics: 6-Axis Articulated, SCARA, XYZ Linear Mechanism/Module
    • Vision: Matrix Array
    • Fastening: Crimping, Orbital/Riveting Peeners
    • Electrical Testing

Lean Manufacturing bottom -- lean_manufacturing_bottom-1_0.jpg