Rotary Dial Indexers

Rotary Dial right -- rotary_dial_right_1.jpg

Dial machines are perfect when manufacturing floor space is at a premium. ATC Automation's customized solutions offer the speed and accuracy necessary to successfully launch your product in the marketplace.

Rotary Dial Indexer Technologies:

    • Drive & Torque Systems
    • Sensing: Part Presence, Infrared
    • Dispensing: Continuous Bead, Microliter, Spray
    • Feeding: Bowl, Flexible
    • Pressing: Pneumatic, Air Over Oil, Hydraulic
    • Part Marking: Ink Jet, Laser Marking, Pin Stamping, Impact Marker, Labeling
    • Welding: Robotic
    • Robotics: 6-Axis Articulated, SCARA, XYZ Linear Mechanism/Module
    • Vision: Matrix Array, Vision Guidance, Line Scan
    • Fastening: Crimping, Shot Pinning
    • Electrical Testing: Continuity, Electro-mechanical
    • Functional Testing: Effort Testing, Force Monitoring, Resistance
    • Leak Testing: Vacuum Testing, Pressure Decay, Flow Testing
    • Dials: Camco, Weiss, CDS
    • Traceability: Barcode, RF Tags, Pallet ID