Surface Quality: Just the Right Touch

In today's marketplace, manufacturers of Class A Surfaces must meet stringent consumer demands to design products that are aesthetically pleasing by maintaining a superior surface quality. We have manufactured assembly systems with critical surfaces for consumer, life science device, and the automotive markets. Selecting a machine integrator with experience in this area is the key to success.

As an experienced manufacturer of assembly and test systems involving Class A Surfaces, ATC provides our customers with a wide range of innovative assembly and test solutions that meet unique product requirements and satisfy economic assembly factors in this competitive market. From lean one-piece flow systems to integrated high-volume lines, you can trust ATC to provide you with an effective solution.

Many Tier 1 suppliers have deployed our manufacturing solutions, and now it's your turn to experience the ATC advantage. Let us build upon your success with assembly and test systems designed to meet market demand for a quality product at a competitive price.

With assembly and test automation of Class A Surface products, it is easy to identify potential challenges. What sets ATC apart is our ability to turn those challenges into solutions.

We've demonstrated the many solutions available when it comes to automating your assembly and test process. We know the challenges you face are unique. And fortunately, so are our solutions. Our team values the importance of working hand-in-hand with you throughout the entire process, responding flexibly to your ever-changing needs.

This flexibility, combined with our ability to meet or exceed your schedules and deadlines makes us the integrator of choice for Class A Surfaces.

In this tough, competitive market, we understand that you have a choice to partner with many different automation houses. Even if it's something other than the automation of your Class A Surface products, make sure you partner with the industry leader - Automation Tool.

Whatever the Surface: We've Got the Right Touch

Every day, ATC seeks to provide innovative solutions to our customers' projects. With years of experience in fixturing Class A Surfaces, we know how to handle... and where not to handle critical surfaces.

Our customers count on us to provide solutions that can achieve very short delivery schedules and flexible solutions to accommodate their diversity of design. On a recent project, ATC designed and built a dial index machine to assemble automotive air vents, which streamlined their current process while reducing costs and improving product quality.

The Challenge

ATC has integrated solutions where no contact occurs on critical surfaces. In this case, it meant designing tooling that only minimally contacted the air vents, as well as utilizing correct materials and surface finishes protecting the part from any exterior damage. All of these steps ensured that workflow was maintained and that defective parts and faulty processes were eliminated.

The Solution

Taking advantage of our leading-edge technology and innovative design team, ATC integrated a winning solution for our customer. By designing all tooling in a way that limited exposure of the part to surface damage, we were able to address the issue most important to our customer - reducing costs by eliminating surface damage and rework. Tooling is an integral part of any assembly process because it allows the machine to grip or stabilize the part for necessary work to take place. The challenge was to accomplish this without compromising the part integrity.

Our innovative design team created nests that allowed the machine to grip or touch the part minimally. In addition, in cases where it was necessary to grip the part completely for stability, a special cushion material was used to further protect the surface quality. By doing all this, we were able to provide our customer with an assembly system capable of not only producing 100 parts per hour, but 100 parts per hour without compromising the integrity of the product.

Our design and leading-edge technology places our customer at the forefront of assembly and test systems involving Class A Surfaces. Whether this technology offers your organization an advantage or you prefer the confidence a first-rate machine builder provides, ATC can make a difference. In this case, it is the many years of experience that truly made the difference.