The Lighting Project

Every day, ATC seeks to provide innovative solutions to our customers' projects. With years of experience in headlamp and taillamp assembly and test systems, we're positioned as experts in the industry.

Our customers count on us to provide solutions that can achieve very short delivery schedules and flexible solutions to accommodate their diversity of design. On a recent project, ATC integrated a new leak test technology that not only identifies leak location, but provides real-time feedback to immediately adjust the process before problems start. This same technology reduced integration cost, improved cycle time and simplified material handling requirements.

The Challenge

As we worked with our customer, we targeted their need to ensure that workflow was maintained and that defective parts and faulty testing technology of the past was not able to accommodate this need, so our designers offered our customer a new approach utilizing the latest in leak test technology.

The Solution

Taking advantage of our leading-edge technology and innovative design team, ATC integrated a winning solution for our customer. By incorporating the new Falcon Leak Test System developed by a team of experts at TASI, we were able to address the issue most important to our customer - reducing cost and cycle time. Since the Falcon eliminates the variables that typically challenge other leak test technologies, we were able to provide our customer with the ability to know when defective parts have been produced. They now have the tools in place to address the issue on the spot, eliminating the assembly of additional faulty parts. What separates Falcon from other leak testing technologies? This amazing system not only reduces cycle time, but also identifies and pinpoints the exact location of leaks. Operators will know that a part is leaking, can locate the problem, and can immediately correct the process defect.

Our design and leading-edge technology places our customer at the forefront of headlamp and taillamp assembly and testing. Whether this technology offers your organization an advantage or you prefer the confidence a first-rate machine builder provides, ATC can make a difference.