Force Monitoring: A Pressing Issue

With press force applications it is easy to identify potential challenges. What sets ATC apart is our ability to turn those challenges into solutions.

We've demonstrated just one of the many avenues available when it comes to press force applications. We know the obstacles you face are unique. And fortunately, so are our solutions. Our team values the importance of working hand-in-hand with you throughout the entire process, responding flexibly to your ever-changing needs.

This flexibility, combined with our ability to meet or exceed your schedules and deadlines, makes us the integrator of choice for all your press force applications.

In this tough, competitive market, we understand that you have a choice to partner with many different automation suppliers. Even if it's something other than press force monitoring, make sure you partner with the industry leader - Automation Tool.

Impressive Approach

ATC constantly seeks to provide our clients with innovative solutions. A frequent requirement in the assembly process is pressing applications, which require critical press force or distance monitoring to assure product quality.

ATC has developed an expertise in implementing custom press applications with strategic monitoring of force and/or distance. With many years of experience utilizing systems from Sciemetrics, Promess, Schmidt and Parker, ATC provides a custom solution to meet our customers' specific needs. From simple force and end-of-stroke feedback to PC-based, real-time force and distance curve analysis, ATC can implement the right solution for your critical pressing applications and budget.

The Challenge

As we worked with our customer, we targeted their need to ensure that workflow was maintained and that defective parts and faulty processes were kept to a minimum. Our ultimate goal was helping our customer reduce overall costs by providing a quality solution. In this case, it meant implementing press force monitoring to avoid improperly assembled or damaged parts. This vital feedback prevented additional costs associated with these failures.

The Solution

Taking advantage of our leading-edge technology and innovative design teams, ATC integrated a winning solution. By incorporating three semi-automatic assembly stations, we provided a lean, economical system that included necessary operator involvement without sacrificing quality assurance.

Press force monitoring played a key role by ensuring costly parts weren't damaged during assembly. Force and displacement transducers monitored presses throughout the stroke and graphically displayed the resulting curves while verifying correct tolerance.

By monitoring the complete stroke, we pinpointed slight part variations that could have damaged parts or caused the assembly to fail. The result was a solution that provided flexibility and reliability while meeting critical quality and budget criteria.