Battery and Capacitor

As a leading manufacturer of energy storage device assembly and test automation, ATC Battery and Capacitor -- battery_and_capacitor_6.jpgprovides a wide range of innovative solutions. That’s why we’re the choice of manufacturers from all over the world. We meet their unique product requirements and satisfy the regulatory needs that exist in this competitive market.

This expertise allows ATC to manufacture systems that can handle many types of metal and chemistry combinations, sizes, prismatic or cylindrical cells, and battery assembly.  Whether you need automated test equipment, lean systems incorporated into your current operation, or a complete “factory in a box”, ATC has your solution.

 • Energy Storage Device Assembly      

• Seam Welding

• Resistance Welding

• Projection Welding

• Laser Welding

• Thermal Hot Plate Welding

• Thermal Sealing

• Plate Stack & Wrap

• High Speed Vision Guided Robotic
  “Pick & Place”

• Jelly Roll End Formation

• Robotic, High Speed (+) and (-) Plate 
   Staking &

• Automatic Placement of Interwoven    

• Automated Electrolyte and DI Water Fill
Leak Test

• Automated Continuity Inspection

• Material Dust Collection and

• OSHA Cadmium Exposure Standards